Security Tips

Kitesurfing and all similar sports such as snowkiting, landboarding are a lot of fun, provided you are careful enough and respect basic security rules.

Kite Attitude quick releasers are designed to meet the French Afnor regulation:
- the quick releaser must be strong enough to sustain 3 times the kiteboarder's weight
- releasing should be very easy, even under very strong sail pull

Use and Maintenance Tips
- before sailing, make sure you can operate the quick releaser with your EYES CLOSED*
- wash your gear with clear water after each sailing session, in order to prevent corrosion
- before sailing, make sure your quick releaser works properly and does not carry sand, mud or gravel

The 12 Commandments of Safe KiteSurfing
- take lessons with a kiteschool first; never try to operate a kite yourself without taking lessons
- sail in a large open space with no obstacles (rocks, trees, road signs...)
- make sure you are practicing at a spot where kiteboarding is allowed
- beware of swimmers and especially young people on the beach (or young skiiers)
- adjust your rigg to the wind conditions and your skills: avoid sailing if the wind blows more than 20 knots if you are a beginner
- always wear a helmet (especially if you attach a leash to your board); a wetsuit will help you float; wearing a lifejacket is even better
- use a leash to attach your board, so you don't lose it**
- follow priority rules: if another kiteboarder is downwind compared to you, move your sail up; if the other kiteboarder is upwind, move your sail down
- always keep a piece of rope with you and a small cutter (in case the lines get scrambled in the water)
- make sure your quick releaser is fully functional before you go sailing
- do not let your sail and gear exposed to the sun for hours : UV rays will damage it
- never use a "suicide leash" : this kind of leash does not cancel the power of the kite

* In case of emergency, you may lose your sense of orientation or have a hard time seeing the quick releaser if you are swimming.
** You may have a hard time getting your board back in case of strong currents and/or waves. Only experts know how to do it.

Proper maintenance of the gear will guarantee your safety over time

Use products such as WD-40 or Rust Defense (environment friendly) on a regular basis. In case you never took care of washing your gear and your quick releaser is stuck with sand/salt/mud and appears corroded, we suggest you use Rust Release to remove salt and potential corrosion from the quick releaser.

See also the Kite Attitude bar instruction sheet or the Eclipse safety instruction sheet.